To Our Valued Customers,

Over the years Bradley Corporation has offered a variety of soap dispensers and has recommended various soaps for use with our products. No dispenser will work with every type of soap and there are so many different soap manufacturers who frequently change the formulas of their soaps for use in our dispensers. While other soaps may work well with our dispensers, Champion Brand Products offers products specifically formulated for use with our dispensers so we can recommend their products with confidence.

In addition, the people at Champion Brand Products will work with you to solve any soap related problems you may have with our dispensers. They are soap experts and offer a wide variety of soaps and supplies at competitive prices.


Arno C. Wilke
Product Manager
Bradley Corporation

Bradley Corporation and Champion Brand Products entered an agreement to improve service and mutually benefit the customers of both organizations. Therefore, Champion will provide service and support to Bradley Corporation customers with soap problems and related issues.

Pricing for Champion hand soaps
developed exclusively for Bradley Corporation
Product # Description Cost
02422 Amber Liquid Hand Soap 4/1Gal $72.50
02459 Amber Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap 4/1Gal $87.50
Shipping and Handling is $20 per case.
S&H is $25 per case to the West Coast.
(Includes Fuel surcharge)

We use FedEx Ground for delivery.

Most common problems pertaining to
Bradley soap valves and dispensers:
1. Soap valves leaking, soap product is too thin
  1. Is product ready-to-use? If not, the person diluting the product is not using the proper amount of water to soap ratio.
  2. If product is being diluted, it also has to be blended or mixed for a period of time to prevent the soap from separating.
    Solution: It is always best to use a ready-to-use product, such as, Champion Brand Hand Soap.

2. Soap valves clogging, soap product is too thick or viscous

  1. This is one of the biggest problems. Most hand soaps are designed to flow through bulk soap dispensers, which do not have as many workable parts and are made of plastic. For this reason, they are more suitable for the many soaps on the market.
  2. Most people believe that a thicker soap is better for hand cleaning and a better value. This is not true, the cleaning ability of a hand soap is measured by the raw materials used. The thickness of the soap is obtained by adding salt.
    Solution: Buy a thinner ready to use hand soap, such as, Champion Brand Hand Soap. Also periodic cleaning of the soap valves is crucial to insure a consistent flow of soap through the values.

3. pH level too high or too low

  1. If the hand soap is not in the neutral range of 6.5 or 7.5 pH, the hand soap will deteriorate the valves and reservoirs over time.
  2. If pH is not in the neutral range, it will also be harsh on the hands.

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